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Sexual Assault / Right to Know

Sexual Assault / Right to Know


A municipality had to produce records about an alleged sexual assault incident through its police department.


The case involved a list of 40 names that had to be found and redacted. In addition, aliases needed to be printed in white text on the redaction blocks (example: Minor 1 or Adult 5). There was a list of PII that also needed redacting – Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdates, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, proper names, phone numbers and email addresses.


There were more than 10 GB of data to review – both electronic and handwritten documents. NimbleSystems’ solution produces machine text from handwriting. After removing duplicates, classifying files by document type (minutes, agendas, financial reports, market analysis reports, attendance reports, etc.), NimbleSystems found a large number of the desired names and PII that needed redaction. By easily removing duplicates and document type clusters, the experts at NimbleSystems were able to get 10 GB of data down to 5,000 pages that needed review. The documents – including the ones with handwriting – were redacted and proper aliases were assigned.

10 GB of native files = 550,000 pages Duplicates Removed = 55,000 pages Document Type Clusters Removed = 5,000 pages!

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