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Meet the NimbleSystems Team

Meet the NimbleSystems Team

The team at NimbleSystems works together to continually find ways to develop systems to make document management more cost-effective and efficient. There are five experts that invented, program and administer NimbleSystems – four are programmers; three are PhDs; and all have been together for 30-plus years.

Jon Berger of Nimble Systems

Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger is the CEO and co-founder of NimbleSystems and has extensive experience in legal technology applications.

Barry Fox of Nimble Systems

Barry Fox

Barry Fox is a senior engineer at NimbleSystems. He is well-known for his expertise in cloud security and server development.

Alex Turta of Nimble Systems

Alex Turta

Alex Turta is a software engineer at NimbleSystems. He is an expert in client development and backend loading and deployment of applications.

Trevor Fox of Nimble Systems

Trevor Fox

Trevor Fox is a machine learning engineer for NimbleSystems and serves as the principal developer for all AI and extraction software for the company.

Arun Nimble of Nimble Systems

Arun Rajendran

Arun Rajendran is a software analyst at NimbleSystems. In this role, he creates software modules for data triage and processing e-discovery documents.

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