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Data Extraction

Data Extraction

When you have a never-ending stream of data and content coming in and need to find certain information and have easy access to that information, NimbleSystems is the answer.

Finding the Information

NimbleSystems can find the critical information needed down to the line and word so it is easy to access. In addition, NimbleSystems has intelligent technology that is designed to recognize different types of documents automatically based on form and content – not the file header.

Extracting the Data

When it comes to financial documents, loan applications, scientific and technical reports or any other kind of documents, NimbleSystems takes the information that is collected, extracts the data and puts it where it is needed.

Redacting the Data

Most documents contain personal identifying information or trade secrets that need to be redacted before sharing. NimbleSystems is programmed to do this easily and quickly. In addition, when needed, an alias can be added on top of the redaction to help with clarification/ identification for a case.

Intelligent Monitoring

Some documents that need data redacted or extracted may be handwritten, while others are typed. The NimbleSystems technology can rapidly tell what pages and lines of a document have handwriting and put them into a format where data can be converted to machine text and all documents can be viewed together.

NimbleSystems is the ever-expanding tool set for all of today’s needs!

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