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NimbleSystems offers award-winning, adaptable, cost-effective and advanced e-discovery.


Advanced E-Discovery for the Best Outcomes

When faced with a discovery effort to respond to litigation, regulatory requests, internal investigations, audits, data privacy regulations and public records requests, you can count on NimbleSystems. The company’s flagship product, Kaleidoscope, brings cost-effective, easily customizable, end-to-end e-discovery to the legal market and combines both supervised learning (the user guides the AI) and unsupervised learning (where the AI guides the user). Kaleidoscope mines both text and images for data extraction. The team members at NimbleSystems are experts in their fields and frequently modify the system to fit the needs of the users or problems at hand. The product is scalable, and there are no defined limits or cutoffs with respect to data processing.


Neural Networks/Deep Learning: Your Strategic Advantage

The NimbleSystems advanced e-discovery solution is built on AI and is the only platform that uses neural networks and deep learning in e-discovery. We have an inventory of pre-trained neural networks and Kaleidoscope is regularly updated to handle all new situations that occur.

Aligned with the EDRM E-Discovery Framework

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery of digital data. The EDRM is designed to guide the gathering and assimilating of electronic data during the legal process, including for criminal evidence discovery. Our solutions span the entire EDRM model, and we add AI and machine learning when it makes sense.

NimbleSystems Features Flow Chart Diagram

Sound, Defensible Data Collection

The NimbleSystems team of experts uses forensically sound methods to recover data from devices of all types – such as hard drives, thumb drives, laptops, desktops and tablets to smartphones, cloud applications or social media.

Fast Path to Review: Rapid ESI Processing

NimbleSystems uses a specialized type of indexing to render documents searchable and mineable. They are then processed to feed the deep learning functionality within Kaleidoscope. The system can virtually convert any file type to a TIFF or PDF.

Gain Insights from Advanced Analytics

NimbleSystems uses advanced analytics to group documents by type of file, custodian, date range, or other desired factors. Within Kaleidoscope, key document types are identified by using deep learning-based clusters labeled by document titles or common language descriptions. With this technology, hashing, threading, and clustering are used to find exact, near, and far duplicates.

Save Time with TAR

NimbleSystems employs supervised machine learning within Kaleidoscope to train the AI using document samples either coded by the users, selected by the system after model runs, or auto developed based on internal neural net processing. When appropriate, Kaleidoscope uses transfer learning to apply models based on similar document collections or similar review problems for accurate results bringing significant savings in hours and review costs.

Intuitive Document Review

The most important phase in an e-discovery project is document review and coding. With Kaleidoscope, both manual and auto coding are options. Whether using applied AI or manual coding, models are created, and the documents are coded for relevance and privilege. The feedback derived from the evaluation of human review of model results improves both the models and the reviewers’ results. Through this process, Kaleidoscope learns and becomes more responsive to new facts, court rulings, and additional productions of documents.

Timely Production of Responsive Documents

Confidently deliver document productions that comply fully with your ESI agreement. At the completion of review, the NimbleSystems team assists in production of responsive documents in a format easily ingestible for review by opposing parties.

Redaction and Annotation for Easy Compliance

NimbleSystems uses natural language processing and machine learning to quickly find names, addresses, account numbers, birthdates and other private data – and redact or annotate that information in compliance with all privacy laws and FOIA exemptions.

Quick and Organized Data Extraction

When it comes to financial documents, loan applications, scientific and technical reports or any other kind of documents, NimbleSystems takes the information that is collected, extracts the data and puts it where it is needed.

Kaleidoscope – Winner of the 2018 Legal Intelligencer Innovation Award

Advanced E-Discovery Features Analyze Text and Images Through Deep Learning and Include:

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Privilege & Relevance
Automatically determine privilege and relevance using AI models.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Automatic Document Classification
Every document (handwritten documents and images included) is classified by document type using models.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Document, Page & Line-Level Classification
Easily find relevant pages and extract metadata.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Email metadata, dates, names, locations, and other custom extractions are possible.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Document Annotation and Redaction
Endorse and redact documents and label exhibits.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Portable Models
Reuse models from previous cases for your current matter using transfer learning.

NimbleSystems - Kaleidoscope

Document Unitization
Model-based system recreates lost document boundaries.

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