Increasing the Value & Usefulness of Documents

Document Management

Document Management

Choosing a document management system that has an easily accessible, fully indexed repository of documents for all to share saves valuable time and can open up new insights into your workflows.

Efficient and Organized

NimbleSystems DMS offers an efficient, organized and secure way to manage documents across an entire portfolio of matters.

Consolidated Place to Store Data

When data is consolidated in one place, you are able to export any relevant material when needed for different cases and share it with others, saving duplicate effort and cost.

Continuous User-friendly Access

Authorized users have around-the-clock access to search and retrieve any documents stored in the repository. The ability to edit or change a document across a range of applications that include all MS Office tools or move it from one file to another inside of a repository allows you to keep an efficient, organized document set. Firms find that it’s easy to search, filter, store, manage and retrieve documents.

Data Management Services

Secure Client Data

Clients trust you with their most confidential information. Law firm data security must be a top priority for any practice. NimbleSystems takes protecting your firm’s data seriously, with ironclad security measures designed to help you reduce the risk of data breach or loss.

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