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PHILADELPHIA – June 8, 2022 – NimbleSystems, an intelligence-based e-discovery, redaction and document management company, today announced company experts will be presenting a CLE to attorneys on “E-Discovery Data Challenges in Environmental Contamination Litigation” through Thomson Reuters West LegalEdcenter.

The CLE is scheduled to take place on June 16 at noon EDT and will feature Jonathan Berger, PhD, CEO and founder of NimbleSystems, and Trevor Fox, PhD, engineer at NimbleSystems, as speakers.

The webinar will talk about e-discovery challenges that arise when dealing with litigation that occurs due to natural resource damages caused by contaminants released into the air, ground and/or water. In this CLE, attendees will learn from experts who have worked on MTBE and other environmental litigations. They will hear about the data problems that commonly arise from natural resource damage litigation and how attorneys dealing with these challenges should respond.

“My team and I have been working on environmental litigation cases for decades and know all too well the challenges and complexities that occur when dealing with this type of litigation,” states Berger. “Our goal with this webinar is to inform and educate attorneys on what they can expect when dealing with environmental cases so they can be prepared and know how to best handle the situations that often come up.”

Registration for this CLE is now open.

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NimbleSystems ( is a legal technology solutions provider with intelligent offerings in e-discovery, redaction and document management. With a team of experts with deep industry knowledge and expertise, the company is well-known for its customized offerings and personalized tech support. Kaleidoscope, the company’s award-winning e-discovery product, has been used by hundreds of law firms since its inception in 2010.


NimbleSystems - a legal technology solutions provider with offerings in e-discovery, redaction and document management

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