When it comes to litigation, attorneys and their teams rely on litigation support systems to manage the large amounts of data needed for their case. However, most of the litigation support systems available today are generic in nature and not specific to the type of case in question. Legal teams have used these tools for their cases and have done their best with what they have had to make them work even though the current technology rarely fits the problem or case at hand. What if they had the technology at their fingertips specific to their type of case? No longer would they have to fit their case to the technology, but the technology would actually fit the case!

We believe having the technology to fit the case is the next step in support for legal teams. The litigation support technology your firm uses should have the “smarts” built in based on the type of case you are working on. It should give you the insight you need about your documents as well as the tools and the access necessary to grasp everything you need to about your data.

Current litigation support systems work well enough for today – but the future is not in generic systems. It’s in having a system that takes your documents, parcels them and puts them back out in a way that provides the information you couldn’t get otherwise. It’s in a smart system that works for you built by people who really understand the type of litigation you are dealing with.

At NimbleSystems, we have developed a system that is specific to environmental law contamination cases. It has classifiers for all document types you might find in these types of cases – market studies, field surveys, etc. – and tells you things about your documents that you wouldn’t otherwise know. All you need to do is upload the documents, and the system will use transfer learning to provide you with what you need immediately. Whether the document is handwritten or has images included, it doesn’t matter. The system is programmed to classify this information as well.

It’s clear that the future of litigation support is going to be getting to the answers you need swiftly and smartly. The way to do that is by having a litigation system in place that is specifically geared to the type of case you are working on.

Check out the article E-Discovery Data Challenges in Environmental Contamination Litigation in Legaltech News. Here Dr. Jon Berger shares what he and his team have learned from overcoming discovery problems on MTBE, TCP, PFAS, PCE and other environmental contamination litigations on behalf of states. It provides great insight into how a litigation support system specifically geared to the type of case it is supporting can help the legal team find the data they need.


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